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About Woodlands Nook

Our Dream

It all began on a family vacation years ago.


When our kids were still young, we liked to take family trips to the mountains. We stayed in so many beautiful places but there was one cabin in particular that spoke to us. It seemed like our perfect happy place… the perfect hideaway.


We thought, “I’d love to have something for our family like this one day.”


Eventually, we decided, we can have that. And we began building our own happy place.


What started as a dream slowly became our reality.


We happily purchased family farmland, the property we live on now, making us first-time homesteaders.


Step by step and log by log, we started building our dream home.


It’s been a long and wonderful journey to arrive where we are now and we absolutely love it here.


There’s a lot to our property. From the most serene sunsets to the magical nooks and hideouts… add in the wildlife and it’s easy to get lost in the woodlands.


Our Little Nest

As we built our own happy place, it became part of our dream to provide a happy place for others, too. 


So we decided to share our little nest with friends, family and guests. We wanted to share with others the gifts we’ve received from living here.

For the past twenty years, we’ve enjoyed hosting couples and individuals in our own home so that the people we love have a place to come and truly relax.


Bringing Back Date Night

While hosting the ones closest to us, we began to see an exciting opportunity.


Not enough couples and individuals are taking the time they need to get away. It's had to find to get away and all ourselves time to reset.


They’ve stopped having date night!


When we had our kids years ago, we knew what that meant: less time for us. We were determined to not let that happen. We wanted to preserve a special time for ourselves to reconnect with each other so we didn’t lose ourselves as a couple.


So, we decided that every Friday night would be date night.


Many Fridays for twenty years, we dressed up and took ourselves out or had a romantic night in. Our kids learned to appreciate our date nights too and saw the importance of them.


Now, with our kids grown up and our home to ourselves, we treat every night like date night.


And we want to bring back date night for you, too, whether that's a date with your partner or yourself.


While we loved hosting people in our own home, we wanted to be able to offer couples and individuals their own piece of our property.


We wanted to offer date night, every night. An opportunity to re-connect with nature and each other.

Our Gift to You

We began dreaming up cabins and properties to build and just as quickly, a huge opportunity presented itself.


We quickly realized that there was a larger force playing a role in this project and we needed to act fast to make it happen!


While a bit scary and overwhelming, we knew we wanted to create something unique to us and this was the perfect way to do it.


And the next thing you know, we’re doing it!


Now, we’ve expanded and built cabins for others to come and share in the beauty and bliss of our property.


We want to give everything we’ve received back to our guests.


We’ve put a lot of love and pure intentions into our cabins so that when you arrive, you only have one thing to do: relax.


Through our intentional accents and additional comforts, we’ve set a cozy and inviting atmosphere for you to take the time to breathe, let go of the stresses in your life, and reconnect with the people and nature around you.


We love to give.


And our gift to you is the gift of relaxation and happiness. When we see our guests sitting in a rocking chair watching the sunset with the purest look of peace on their faces, we know we’ve done our purpose.


We believe people will start to take time for themselves again and reconnect with what really matters: our natural surroundings and each other.


Wandering Nook is the perfect place to begin having date nights again. We have set the ambiance for you and your “person” so that reconnecting is effortless and relaxing is easy. It's also the perfect place to retreat and reconnect with Mother Earth.


It brings us pleasure to welcome you to a piece of our peace, with a bottle of champagne ready.


When you step out of your car onto Woodlands Nook, you’ll feel instantly relaxed. All you have to do is get here.

It's not how much we GIVE but how much LOVE we put into GIVING.

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees

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